Doujinshi sample for WinningShot! IM STILL NOT DONE YET SO ILL GO DO THAT NOW BUT!!! I may or may not open oversea orders for these myself (as opposed to telling everyone to just buy from toranoana OTL) depending on how many people would be interested, so if you’re SURE you want a copy of this please let me know here!  I’m sending the books in for print in 3 days so that’s the cut off date for the form as well.

thanks for looking guys!! 

summary in English!!
A very light misawa story about Eijun borrowing Miyuki’s shirt and staining it by accident and not knowing what to do + Miyuki getting frustrated bc Eijun keeps avoiding him!! Kuramochi shows up a lot lol

Tales of Only!!!!

This is seriously one of the best events I have ever attended I wish today would never end ><  The organizers did such a great job and put so much thought and effort into this event and it really showed and it was just so super wonderful I’m so so so so so glad I attended screams

I didn’t even want to put everything behind a jump cut because I want everyone to see the how much love people poured into this event but there are seriously a lot of photos lol

Thoughts, loot photos, cosplayer photos and stuff below!

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