Tales of Only!!!!

This is seriously one of the best events I have ever attended I wish today would never end ><  The organizers did such a great job and put so much thought and effort into this event and it really showed and it was just so super wonderful I’m so so so so so glad I attended screams

I didn’t even want to put everything behind a jump cut because I want everyone to see the how much love people poured into this event but there are seriously a lot of photos lol

Thoughts, loot photos, cosplayer photos and stuff below!

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received my tales of only circle entry ticket

I am really really really really really really excited right now AAA

Loot from TCAF day 1!! WENT OVER MY BUDGET but it was worth it! My two favourite books (just by bias of how much money they cost me OTL) were definitely the two big ones in the photo, very beautiful and sexual in a dark sort of way:

super nice and totally worth the $$$ !


I met almost everyone I wanted to run into at TCAF, which was really nice, got to catch up a little with some people and met some new folks too!  But most importantly today was the ono natsume signing/panel and i did get her to sign my shirt:

I kind of feel like maybe I should have asked for a drawing of a HUMAN but onokuma is so iconic for her that I don’t regret it! :)  I then continued to make a fool out of myself and creeped the shit out of her by asking for a hug, which she gave me but still lol.  Fawn was like “dude she lived in Italy for a year there’s no way she’d mind a hug” and i was like okihopesobecauseihatemyselfrightnow Why do I always embarrass the fuck out of myself in front of people I admire? idk it’s like a disease :(

I also got randomly introduced to ono natsume’s editor and I GUSHED at her about how much I love eroticsF and that it’s my dream to be a part of that magazine lol I just keep regretting all my blathering and gushing from today, I just can’t bring myself to SHUT UP when I get nervous/excited in front of people

I should just never say a word and smile frantically instead lasdkfjaslkdfja


In other news, the table spots for AN have been announced but I’ve yet to see a map of exactly where on earth that is in the artist’s alley.  It’s E15 though for anyone who is curious!


too overwhelmed today to do anything other than shut up and think about all the stupid things I regret from today now :(

Writing a letter to ono natsume before bed.  The monkey is a gift I want to give her at the signing.  Really looking forward to tomorrow :)


SOOOOOOO Excited for TCAF! I spent the afternoon trying to decide what I want to bring to the ono natsume signing; and went with the first-press books that came with postcards/box so she can sign the postcards/box!  I’ll probably be wearing the onokuma shirt and I’ll ask her to sign directly on it, but failing that I HAVE THREE MORE BOOKS so that’s my backup!! Very very psyched to see her but MORE PSYCHED TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE XINE AND DEE! People I’ve known online for AGES but never got a chance to meet due to geography. Actually I’m more anxious and  nervous about seeing the cool peeps coming up from the states than anything, I feel so small when I remember how amazing these people are.


In other news, I kicked my cat this morning when I woke up because I didn’t know he was sleeping there:

He got all disgruntled then just went back to sleep. CUTIEPIE