just a reminder that my boyfriend is perfect

just a reminder that my boyfriend is perfect

Ok last one sorry

He whines and comes looking for you with his toy of choice when he wants to play

Some mornings I wake up covered in toys because he failed to wake me haha



my sister sent photos of my cat being a precious little buttface at her place

My boyfriend is magnificent

my boyfriend still fine as ever

How much does Kafka weigh? What breed? C:

I should make a kafka profile on my about page rofl I get this question frequently… he’s half maine coon half domestic long hair, and I THINK his diet was a success and he is currently healthily weighted at around 12lbs or so?

I have a crush on Kafka

that is the correct response to his beastly handsome pheromones

kafka and fish.jpg
kafka staring.jpg

mom your filenames are as brilliant as ever


Lawn!! I know this is out of nowhere, but Kafka is so adorable! You should.. post kitten pictures of him, if you have any.. *A*♥

Here you go!!