I saw this homeless-looking man (confirmed not homeless) at the station yesterday morning and he had an enormous white cat on a leash and he was napping so cutely so I doodled them in class… and then had a chance to get to know them today on my way back!!!!!! WHAT A MASSIVE SWEETIE PIE apparently he’s over 100 in cat years and is so gentle and adorable and DKSKXKDK

Didn’t want the day to be a complete waste so I picked a random spot off google results for shrines in saitama and went for it

While running errands yesterday I ran into 2 friends from Taiwan by complete accident, what a great day.

Morning and night views from balcony

owl cafe!!! where noone actually drinks anything because owls!!!!

most terrifying flight experience

apparently all EVA air flights between Taiwan and Japan are hello kitty planes??? there was no escape

really long journal post

Things kept coming up so I kept putting off posting and I was afraid that if I kept going I would be too lazy to talk about anything… but I’m (mostly) settled in now!  So I thought I would share some photos and stuff! Some of these have been posted to twitter. 

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Some instagrams from day trip to Tainan today.

Sorry I’ve been absent again I’ve got a lot I want to share but can’t find the time and peace of mind for it, what with moving + the unrest going on in Taiwan right now :(

I’m probably upset about it for all the wrong reasons but I’m fairly frustrated, and even more so because I leave Taiwan in a week and I’m mad that I can’t do more for the remaining time I have here.

Here is a Japanese change.org petition for anyone who might be willing to help out from overseas: https://www.change.org/ja/キャンペーン/台北駐日経済文化代表処-中国と台湾間の-サービス貿易協定-の撤回を希望します

Be back sooooooon

originals only event was yesterday! I got home and passed out for 15 hours lol


someone made this for me…!  How does a person even make this out of paper omg:

A friend received this from a fan, I stole it immediately for photos:

mummified baby bird! holy shit

Finally have a day off to clean my room, then back to being busy as fuck… I need a breather ;_____;

Early birthday presents omg weeps

AMIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  omg I felt that there was a book in the package and tore this open and promptly died mentally for a moment… the cuticle thing is SO GOOD and smells AMAZING I’ve thrown it in my bag to keep it with me wherever I go because I have extremely dry hands and always get hangnails and then finger infections from picking at them ;;  I’ve already used it like 3 times since receiving it and the treats and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I will thank you again later personally I just nfandsfakwl thank you ilu ;///////;  I’m so happy to have you in my life…!

I also received silicon free shampoo from my sister who is visiting which is fantastic because I can’t afford.. silicon free shampoo………. lol…….

still too busy to keep up with the internet properly I’m sorry I’m so scarce ;;

as I was working on catfly this termite landed on my page, wandered around for 3 minutes, dropped two wings and just DIED WTF


I haven’t made a diary post on tumblr for a really long time!! But I really wanted to share this.  Recently I had the honour of purchasing some work from one of my favourite illustrators, Sarah Ferrick, who is also responsible for the beautiful drawing of Caspian and Scotia (bottom) on my wall back in Canada (the other two drawings are by friend and also favourite illustrator Saprophilous, check out his work), and they arrived today! 

They are just so incredibly beautiful oh gosh ;;  I still can’t believe I actually have these in my room! in my hands! AH

I suddenly really miss LJ and its friending memes and leaving long-winded comments and having several-day long conversations with people in the form of comments with fancy icons showcasing our love for each other and getting to know people and making friends in ways that no online social platform now can offer

and stuff


can we make that happen again

last day of 2012.

My mom wanted to sketch cats so I took her to a cat cafe… I tried drawing the kitten that came to sit at our table but he wouldn’t stop moving _(┐「ε:)_

here’s a photo of all the fancy masking tape I tweeted about a while ago:


how am I supposed to convince myself to use them now