I saw this homeless-looking man (confirmed not homeless) at the station yesterday morning and he had an enormous white cat on a leash and he was napping so cutely so I doodled them in class… and then had a chance to get to know them today on my way back!!!!!! WHAT A MASSIVE SWEETIE PIE apparently he’s over 100 in cat years and is so gentle and adorable and DKSKXKDK

"Your theme today is animals and music"
“Can I draw bugs”

Didn’t want the day to be a complete waste so I picked a random spot off google results for shrines in saitama and went for it

Anonymous asked: Lawn lawn lawwwwnn! i'm really happy to see you posting here more often! i feel like you'll do well in japan, so don't worry too much okay! like you said on twitter, this is an investment in yourself and you deserve to do something good for yourself okay? everything will be alright. when i see you on my tlist or on my dash i get so happy. i think i've been following you for 2? maybe 3 years now? (if not it feels that long) anyway i always enjoy seeing you. good luck in japan~!! Youll do well c:

Hi there wow wow thank you thank you!  I’m trying really hard to stay positive + be brave.  I get so embarrassed when people tell me that they’ve been following me for a while.  I am always embarrassed of me-in-the-past AHHHHHHH but your message made me so happy.  Thank you again!!!!! 

Anonymous asked: Oh my gosh I'm so glad I found your Tumblr! I adore your art sooo much it's everything I aspire my art to be! It's so inspiring and it's given me direction I really needed! Thank you for making such beautiful artwork! ; o;

Oh my goodness, anon! Thank you so much.  I feel so bad that I haven’t drawn in so long.  I’m ashamed.  But I’m very happy that it can bring goodness into your life.  Thank you for your kind words <3

While running errands yesterday I ran into 2 friends from Taiwan by complete accident, what a great day.

I had NO idea that Spalding even made stationary but this is the most versatile and useful pencil case ever thank you Spalding for using great sports technology on stationary!!!!

sevloolves said: Dudw. What? That looks fun, the owl looks so pleased as it bites you. It s a human cafe for the owls.

This comment pleases me so much omg

Morning and night views from balcony

incoherenttruth said: WOW lawn so glad you’re having so much fun!!

Thank you!! This will all end when my parents go back to Canada haha /shameless leech

The trip to owls was actually for my dad, he is OBSESSED and has a collection of owl things at home.  We took photos for him but he still insisted on taking mirror selfies with an owl on his arm

wow dad

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owl cafe!!! where noone actually drinks anything because owls!!!!

Anonymous asked: Just think you should know that you're actually really awesome and amazing and strong and talented. Ugh your art is wonderful and creative and hot damn. But yeah, keep up the good work (even if you don't post it on here >>).

I’m so sorry this reply is so late, but thank you so much for your kind words!!! I WILL USE IT TO FUEL ME