turkey breast, swiss cheese, all veggies, sub sauce and honey mustard on 9 grain honey oat, grilled
roast beef, all veggies extra onion extra avocado, feta cheese, sub sauce and sweet onion sauce on italian herb and cheese bread, grilled


farmers’ tan is only cute on fictional boys tbh………………….

farmers’ tan is only cute on fictional boys tbh………………….

Everything you have is so cute <3

Thank… thank you!?  I am shallow…. Must own only cute things

did you go on sso back in the day

I have no idea what that is!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!  I decided to open commissions.

As many of you probably already know a few months back I quit my full time job and took out a pretty big loan in order to pursue my dream of studying art and as such I… thought I should do commissions for once!!!!

You can find more info about prices and how to contact me payment methods and stuff over here: LINK!!!!

Reblogs appreciated, and thank you so much for reading!!!!

things from twitter

onoda and takeda basically 90% the same hahahahhaha

another magazine pose redraw, i took more liberties with this one

another magazine pose redraw, i took more liberties with this one


ukatake for char&#8230; again

ukatake for char… again

doodle comic for tonights daiya 1draw!

the theme was “ice cream/iced desserts”

I really, really liked how you set up the vertical comic you drew! Like, how some of the images flowed out of their boxes~!

oh!! thank you so much!!  I’ve always wanted to try something like that so I’m glad I got the right subjects to try it on this time round. I want to attempt more types of playful paneling with vertical comics this summer…!!  

magazine pose redraw

magazine pose redraw


Um hi I sent you a message a few days ago and don't know if you got it? If you have and just been busy I'm sorry for bothering you! Sorry!! But uhh I'm going to Japan (today actually) for like 10 days (probably spending 6 in Tokyo) and I have no idea where to go other than the giant gundam and sunshine aquarium and was wondering where you'd recommend? Ahhh sorry again if you got the first message. Thank you~

If it’s your first time in Japan I do recommend that you pick up a guidebook of your liking and doing all the famous tourist spots first!! Tokyo has so much going on that it’s hard to rec to a stranger without a baseline but you can definitely check out timeout.jp for interesting events/shows that’s currently happening around the city.

Googling around should also bring up a bunch of really detailed guides tailored to people with specific goals/interests (shopping, history, art, anime etc) so I would actually also give that a shot, travel bloggers probably know a lot more than me lol… I do want to add that if you want to go to an aquarium, that you should skip the sunshine one and take a day to go out to enoshima and explore the area + go to the aquarium there instead, it’s much bigger and very beautiful!


Also, this is the last time I will answer an anonymous ask for generic tourism recs. Thanks for understanding!

(shrink plastic related) the package should've told u it shrank to half its original size!

The type I bought said 1/4 but I feel like it definitely shrank more than that hahahaha

i played with shrinking plastic today.. I didn’t realize they would get so tiny lmao