Your art is so cute!! I don't follow many people who draw a lot of daiya no ace so I've just been going through your blog ♡ I really want to learn how to have nice linear like yours!

Ahhhh Thank you so much for your kind words ;;

My line art is all over the place pls don’t look carefully at it it!! I can’t even tell what I drew sometimes!

I hope you enjoy daiya no ace.. <3



Stupid 2B doodles I really like haha

sickingfucking said: your sketches are sooo beautiful omg

ummmm omg my all over the place idk what im doing lines do not deserve such high praise, especially not coming from you ;;;;; thank you so much brb let me find a hole to crawl into

Hi lawn, I saw you went to the daiya caravan!! Which drink did you like best? c:

oh my goodness, I actually wanted to write a report on what I thought of the drinks but I was like who the hell actually cares so I’m super happy that I got this ask..!

Drinks in order of my fav to least fav:

Eijun (orange soda + orange slice + blood orange syrup) : it helps that I love citrus + this wasn’t actually too sweet or bland, but it was good! Super summery, very energizing just like Eijun and I loved it a lot!!! 

Miyuki (tonic water + grapes + kiwi syrup) : before I drank this I read that it was weird tasting bc it is sweet and bitter at the same time ( ha ha ha ) but it wasn’t very bitter and I actually liked it quite a lot!  Tonic water + syrup is always a good combination and the grapes were delicious lol… this would taste very good as an alcoholic drink

Inajitsu (cranberry syrup + white water + mango) :  I don’t know how to describe this drink it was really sweet but at the same time not actually?  I liked it a lot, it was one of the drinks with more layers so I didn’t get tired of it as quickly as the others

Seido (blue curaçao + soda water + lemon) :  boring, nothing to say LOL

Yakushi (banana soy milk + whipped cream + sesame sauce) I DONT LIKE BANANA FLAVOURED THINGS, WHIPPED CREAM, OR SESAME SAUCE….. so this was really difficult for me, thank god my friend drank all of it ;;  I didn’t think it was bad for sure but it was so rich and creamy that I couldn’t drink more than that first mouthful ><

Furuya (Milk + caramel syrup + whipped cream + ramune):  I don’t want to recall how bad this drink was LOL the flavours mixed very badly for me and I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE IT bc Furuya but no… the caramel + whipped cream + ramune combination was just too far out for me ><  Plus the bear on top was not a cookie but instead kind of like rocket candy and the whole thing was just noooooooooo ;;  furuyaaaa

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I’m so psyched for the character songs jskswkdooeofkd

hi lawn! which bb/cc creams would you recommend?

this really caught me off guard hahahaha

I don’t use face makeup so I.. I don’t know what to say! I’m sorry!!

animal daiya doodles and idea for handkerchief that I want to print for myself lksjf;alkja

You should totally make cute boys playing baseball stickers for LINE!! I would instant buy

I want to make line stickers sooooooo bad maybe I will…. Hmmmmm

How do you imagine the Miyusawa ship? I picture it as Miyuki being very find of PDA and being shamelessly handsy in public, which Eujin's very shy about but when the two are alone, Eujin initiates the cuddly bits.

TBH I keep my mind separate between reading daiya and creating fan work so an honest answer would be that I see there being 0 PDA because they really don’t have that kind of relationship! But as a fan artist I can say that I like to imagine and depict miyuki and eijun in a wide variety of situations and personality shifts so they all appeal to me ( ˇ ᵕ ˇ ) I definitely have a bias toward emotionally weaker/terrible at relationships Miyuki vs a stronger and straight forward Eijun tho!

Leslie and char drew me w my husband ( ˇ ////// ˇ )

Went to the Daiya Caravan today…!


is ace of diamond the anime bad or underrated?

I personally have a lot of questions in regard to the production design and direction choices but I definitely don’t think it’s bad! Also I have an animator acquaintance who’s on the daiya production team so I know how hard they’re working every day. I don’t follow the anime very closely (catch up to like 10 eps at once) because I prefer the manga (you should all read it btw) but if the anime is getting people interested in baseball I have 0 qualms!!!

kuramochi seems the type to not really care about his clothes but to really care about his shoes

OH. I'M SORRY-- You already answered my questions in your FAQs-- I forgot to check there before messaging! Ahh, but thanks for always being my idol. As cheesy as it sounds lol.

Hey there!  This is really flattering lol ah idol, too much!! too much!! I’m just an old person backpedaling to do what I should have done like 10 years ago ;;  But if my course of action can be good inspiration to young people to pursue their interests/dreams I’ve negative regrets!! Thank you so much for messaging me :))