kuramiyu part of the free book I made for winning shot
please read the speech bubbles from right to left.

I love 2B ^___^

furusawa part from the free book I made for winning shot. 
please read the speech bubbles from right to left.

adorable idea was courtesy of char!!!

Daiya only event yesterday…! It was my first time attending an event as a circle in Japan, I had a blast ;; I sold out under an hour and feel so terrified yet flattered, the whole day was just an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for all the people who came by to say hi or dropped off gifts for me ;;

It was also the last day the Daiya only shop was going to be open in Tokyo so we went after the event to get goods only available there and I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE KURAMOCHI CARDBOARD YAEAJSJSKDKSKSMDN

The last 3 pictures are some of my fav goodies I picked up at the event, the last being a bag of rice that came with a book about Miyuki helping out at the Sawamura family farm…!




I originally made it just to satisfy my own needs for a Free!/Rin phone case that wasn’t going to blatantly label me as an otaku lol…but, I’m wondering if there are people who would be interested in ordering the phone case I designed? 

The one I made is lasercut on a wood-backed case. However I’m going to open this up to printed cases as well, I think the design would work quite well printed too! 

A few notes:
- Only available for the iPhone 5/5s/5c series right now
- Cost of the case will be max 2000yen, but I will follow up on this

Available in :
iPhone 5/5s

- printed (b/w) on clear/white/black/wood case
- lasercut on wood case

iPhone 5c
- printed (b/w) on clear case only


For those who are interested please fill out this form !

Form will be closed Sept 30! If there’s a fair amount of interest I’ll create another post for placing orders, if not I’ll contact individuals directly about whether or not they would still like to make a purchase! 

Thanks!! ♪ ヽ(σノ、σ)ノ◎ ♪  (reblogs are appreciated!) 

Hey guys! Mousseron made this slick free! Themed iPhone case for herself but is now opening orders to see if anyone else is interested in one, take a look!!!!

Also went to jujo!!!! I love the Jolyne themed cocktail SOOOO MUCH AHHHH drinking it out of the super long thin straw is called drinking it “Stone Free style” hahahaha

Thanks Kuzu for bringing me!!!!!!!

I went to artnia for the first time w my loser and saph and I want to go again lol

Some stuff from twitter!


i don’t remember how to draw on the computer!!!!! 

i don’t remember how to draw on the computer!!!!! 

Hey there lawn! Iv been a huge fan of your work since the days of livejournal & deviantart! I make a point of checking your page regularly! Your art style is just gorgeous! You have so much talent! I just wanted to ask you what your thought were on the new Persona 5 protagonist and trailer! I haven't seen you write about it here (unless I missed something!) iv been looking forward to your fanart of him! (i remember all your early doodles of The P4 Protag years ago!)

Hi there…!! Oh my goodness thank you so much for your kind words, I don’t deserve them OTL  So far the trailer has shown too little for me to judge but the protagonists design didn’t trigger any screaming from me this time round yet!!! I’m excited to see more of what they’ll reveal and I’m thrilled bc the race-car like logo is super cute and up my alley and I’m really relaly curious to learn more…!!! but meanwhile I’ll keep calling the protagonist harry potter like the rest of the crowd LOL

Hi! Do you still sell sketch dairies and the like? I've got one of yours from a few years ago (The Viscera) Prince), and still can't get over how great your art is~

Hi there!   Omfg i forgot about VP…. ahh;;; I don’t currently have any sketch books available from me, I think there are a few copies of Toys left on a Taiwanese online shop and I’m not sure if they ship overseas, but other than that I’ve mainly been making only fanbooks, I’m so sorry ;; Thank you so much for asking and for following me for so… long.. (covers face)

hi!! sorry quick question, will your doujin be available in english? (one can dream)

Hey there! The book itself won’t be in English but I will probably include a translation sheet with the books if I do the orders myself.  If I decide not to handle the orders myself then I’ll figure somethign else out ;; sorry!! I was able to get away with making English doujinshis in Taiwan bc nearly everyone can read English there but Japan is another story ;;  Thanks for understanding ><

Doujinshi sample for WinningShot! IM STILL NOT DONE YET SO ILL GO DO THAT NOW BUT!!! I may or may not open oversea orders for these myself (as opposed to telling everyone to just buy from toranoana OTL) depending on how many people would be interested, so if you’re SURE you want a copy of this please let me know here!  I’m sending the books in for print in 3 days so that’s the cut off date for the form as well.

thanks for looking guys!! 

summary in English!!
A very light misawa story about Eijun borrowing Miyuki’s shirt and staining it by accident and not knowing what to do + Miyuki getting frustrated bc Eijun keeps avoiding him!! Kuramochi shows up a lot lol

pls congratulate us on our marriage